Originally from the Ruby Sea, Izayoi made her way to Eorzea to escape the pull of the Empire that threatened her home. Instead, she finds herself down on her luck and alone, lost in the sea of immigrants in Ul'dah.

She was once naïve, but now, less so, bitter after having the world pull the rug out from under her. She mainly works as a courtesan and dancer, eager to be stable and live her life free of debt.Still, despite her wariness of the world, she cares deeply about others within her profession, and works hard to keep both herself and others safe and happy - never wanting anyone else to face cruelty or the chill of the streets as she did.

in character & out of character rules.

  alias    morgan.  pronouns    they/she. (please use they unless we asked! Thank you.)  timezone    cdt/gmt-5.

        in character.        


Walk ups are ok, and please send /tells to initiate/get my attention! I'm dumb as a brick and usually have trouble noticing otherwise. As for limits, my hard nos include non-con, ageplay, and watersports. Ask if you're unsure if I'll do it, or refer to her F-List. That will be the most comprehensive way to see what she is into, and what I am willing to play!While she's not open to anything emotional without heavy development, she is fine with physical relationships, provided they stay within her boundaries. Keep in mind I am always open for side stories, AUs, and multipshipping! Just, please note: I need you to talk to me about this ahead of time, and I will work with you on the details and whether or not I would be open to the storyline.At this time, I am not taking requests for RP/ERP outside of venue hours, except in certain cases (i.e. mutually agreed upon, I initiate, or Izayoi is won during an auction, etc).

        out of character.        


As for myself, I am a 30+ year old roleplayer with near 15+ years of experience. I am not comfortable RPing with minors due to my age, and prefer to keep things within my own boundaries for RP in general.For my real life situation, I suffer from chronic pain with some complications that impact my health. My time to RP can be very inconsistent, and I need a lot of patience and understanding regarding this.Meanwhile, if at any time you feel uncomfortable with me, please let me know! I promise, I will not judge or question why, and will happily pause/stop/whatever you need so we can make things better or stop the roleplay. All I ask for is the same in return - if I say to stop, please listen, or you'll be on a quick one stop shop to my blacklist.Also, while both myself and Izayoi are polyamorous, that is not an excuse to go after either Izayoi or myself romantically. If it's something mutually discussed for Izayoi, we can work out the boundaries. But, unless I am openly discussing anything OOCly with you, do not equate the character with the player. I am not Izayoi. Do not assume that what my character wants, thinks, or does, is how I am or how I feel. Thank you.

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a jewel of the ruby sea.

    name      Izayoi Atsumi
    kanji      熱海 十六夜
    aliases      Iza
    age      27 summers
    nameday      15th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon (2/14)
    pronouns      she/her
    gender      cisgender female
    orientation      bisexual (heavy male/masculine lean)
    race      Au Ra (Raen) - secretly half Auspice (Kitsune)
    homeland      sui no sato
    lanuages      Hingan (native), Eorzean Common (fluent), Doman (conversational), Ishgardian Common (conversational).

    height      Just under 5'0"/152 cm    weight      110 lbs/50kg    build      Slim due to under eating, naturally curvy otherwise.    scales      Pearlescent scales, indicative of her Ruby Sea heritage    hair color      Pale pink with reddish tips    eye color      Mismatched pink eyes, red limbal rings    other features      fanged canines on her upper and bottom rows of teeth    voice       Megumi Hayashibara & Madison Beer

  Having started off working the escort scene of Ul'dah for the greater part of two years   , Izayoi is skilled in her job, and works hard to please her clients.Those years of hard work have taught her to be beguiling, reading prospective patrons with ease. She molds herself to their wants, putting on a show of emotions and personalities as they try to woo her. Her looks, curves, and teasing smile draw most in with naught but a quirk of her plush lips, and she is well aware of how to use each aspect of herself to her advantage.If one manages to crack that mask, however, what lies beneath is a warm but stubborn girl, willing to work hard to keep herself stable financially. She will rarely give into actual emotional closeness, and shies away from determined affection.Still, despite her wariness of the world, she deeply cares about others within her profession, and works hard to keep them safe, happy, and secure, never wanting anyone to face the horrors of destitution or the chill of the streets.













  cnj    when Izayoi attempted adventuring, it was as a conjurer, trying desperately to heal the wounds of comrades when she had little understanding of the language between them. though she relies more on dancing to protect herself, she is above average in her strength of healing power, and drew the attention of the guild before she left it in shame.  dnc    being taught the power of dancing and its hidden strengths by her mentor in being a courtesan, Izayoi relies on her beauty and wit to dance both on and off the stage - and protect herself and others with it.  auspice    while being half kitsune has been something she keeps hidden deep within herself, izayoi does benefit from her secret heritage. not only blessed with a large fount of personal aether, she can transform when stressed into a monstrous fox-like form, something she hides in shame and confusion. she also, unknowingly, has been blessed with a long life, and will find herself living centuries before age finds her.

    mbti       ENFJ-T.    alignment      neutral good.    likes      Green tea, the sound of the sea, purples and reds, simplicity in her life.    dislikes      Insecurity, being overly isolated, instant affection, having no grounding.    fears      not being able to support herself, letting others see the real her (both emotional and physical).    hobbies      Playing the koto, cooking, swimming, listening to the sound of the waves.    skills      fishing, homestyle cooking, math, business sense, courtesan work.    positives      beguiling, passionate, intelligent, altruistic, charismatic, receptive.    negatives      workaholic, stubborn, condescending, intense, emotionally closed off, traumatized.


What she appears like to most, if not all, who see her.

        ACTUAL APPEARANCE        

Her actual appearance beneath her glamours.









Saaya, born of Doma, and known for her fierce temper, seemed a model woman, if not a bit eccentric. Most thought of her as a woman who lived in the outskirts of her own accord, her temper the likely cause. But, a secret lay within her when she did not visit the villages, and one she kept close to her chest.Glamoured in various forms over her lengthy years, Saaya is kitsune auspice who achieved that blessed minor divinity that garnered her the power to change her form. Though younger compared to other kitsune of the Doman countryside, she was passionate, and loved the land she resided in. When Garlemald came to make that kingdom fall, to take the land from the people she adored, she fought alongside others in the fall of Doma in her true form, unknown to the people she so treasured.Forced to flee when the battle turned, she eventually found herself in the Ruby Sea, hidden by Kojin who took pity on her. With a well crafted glamour, and looking like a Raen lost in the sea, she managed to gain entrance to Sui-no-Sato, and eventually the palace as a serving girl. There is where she met Ukyou, the son of a lesser princess, whose life had been filled with blessings and little adversity. He was stoic and quiet, and more importantly - unwed. Saaya, worried about the chance she could ultimately be discovered, knew his title could offer her security in Shisui and among the Raen of the Ruby Sea.At first, her intention was only that - to seduce the seemingly cold man into adoring her, and offering her a place as a woman at his side. Instead, much to her surprise, she found herself in love. Ukyou was far more than what he seemed - her wild temper was calmed by his honest adoration for her, his stoic attitude hiding a gentle heart. When she revealed her true form to him, he was taken aback - but only for a moment. He loved her regardless, and Saaya felt that love bloom beyond what she could have ever imagined. She was happy, finally finding a home after being adrift for so long, even if it was among Raen and not her own.Giving up the comfort of the palace, Ukyou married Saaya, and they took up residence in Sui-no-Sato, living simply. Soon enough, they found themselves welcoming a child - a girl they named Izayoi.

        BORN OF THE SEA        


Izayoi, born with scales and budding horns, appeared Raen for all intents and purposes. That remained true until, much to Saaya's horror, her daughter's horns stopped growing, and the ears of a kitsune instead grew, hidden amongst the young girl's hair. Saaya, in fear of the insular community treating her daughter as a monster, glamoured her, hiding her own daughter's true nature from her and the village at large, only Ukyou knowing the truth.Izayoi's childhood was mostly quiet, sweet, and fond. Her parents love their only child, and doted upon her as best they could. She was shy, sweet, almost to a fault, and often pulled into trouble by her childhood friends, leaving the tiny Izayoi to cry - and leading to her mother being well known for chasing her friends around the small bubble of the village with a wooden spoon. Still, even in the quiet life under the sea, Izayoi had little dreams of leaving, happy to stay under the tides and live her life peacefully.But, that changed after Doma began to fight the control of the Empire, and the Empire came back to raze it to the ground.Not wanting to lose her, but scared of the Empire finding the underwater communities, Saaya begged Ukyou to grant Izayoi permission to flee. It took time, but eventually, the elders gave her permission to leave, despite knowing she could never truly return to live amongst them. Still frightened to reveal her daughter's true self to her, Saaya chose not to, keeping a strong spell on her daughter's glamour, hoping it would hold.With her parents' blessing, she went to Kugane, naïve to the outside world, and scared of what was ahead of her, but still determined to break free of any interference of the Empire, as her parents wished for her.

        A GIRL ALONE        


After a month in Kugane, Izayoi made passage for Eorzea after learning the far away land was mostly free of the Empire. Though a long journey, she managed to find a ship to Limsa Lominsa, scared and alone, but eager to find work. Not much awaits her, but she tries, working at fishing at first, thinking her time living in Sui-no-Sato will make above water fishing easy for her. She quickly finds herself shut out, her shy nature and lack of knowing common Eorzean proving to be her downfall.After seeing adventurers with coin at the tavern, she shakily tried her hand at being one herself. She, however, found herself in a similar situation - unable to fully understand her parties due to her native Hingan, she often made mistakes, and ends up having to work with less than savory people just to make ends meet.This kept her afloat for a time, but during a particularly bad run of a dungeon, her party turned on her, trying to kill her for their loss of more than half of the coin. That is when, much to Izayoi's shock, she transformed for the first time, her kitsune blood protecting her in the heat of the moment, but also killing her would be murderers. Thinking herself possessed by a yokai, Izayoi quickly hid any trace of her true form, confused and afraid at the sudden change, her mother never telling her of her true nature before leaving.Terrified of being caught, and hearing that Ul'dah has work, she travelled there with the last of her coin, thinking that she'll be safe in such a large city, able to blend in the crowd. Instead, she's lost. No one would hire her, a strange Au Ra in a foreign city, and most turned up their noses at her immigrant status. She found herself once again stuck in a sea of others down on their luck and alone, scared and lonely. Work continued to be impossible for her to find, and soon enough, she was stuck on the streets, no money to her name, and desperate for things to look up.



Finding her on the streets half starved, a well known courtesan took her in, giving her a place to stay. Stumbling on her disrobed, he instantly knows what she is, and revealed himself to be an auspice himself. He helped her learn how to glamour herself, and how to hide her true nature from those who might harm her.But, eventually the courtesan had to leave, and with that looming, he offered her a choice: he could teach her how to be a courtesan like him, or give her enough coin to survive for some months. Though absolutely frightened, Izayoi agreed to become a courtesan, wanting to have stability within her grasp once more. The courtesan is good on his word, and taught her how to survive the perilous world of sex work, helping her grow and flourish.He eventually has to leave, but left behind a foundation that she managed to build from, finding security in it once she gained a foothold in the world of sex work. Still, even with a foundation, she tumbled on and off, spending her time on and off the street for nearly two years. It is only near the end of it that she began to truly have a name for herself, and the ability to use that name to be safe for the first time in years.Now at a level of stability she had only once dreamed of, and with the chill of the streets behind her, she focuses on what she can. With her own well being no longer shaky, she works to bring some stability to the life of those within the profession she finds herself calling home. Her kitsune nature remains hidden to most, and she longs to eventually return home to ask her parents about her true self, worried of what it all means.



A pipe dream turned reality, Sirensong is Izayoi's own venue, and a place she's poured a touch of her own home into. Inspired by the waves of the Ruby Sea, she hopes to let staff flourish, and have guests enjoy each moment within. Important to her, she holds tight, hoping to see all of its lights shine.

  position    owner  venue type    roleplay and bard focus  carrd    sirensong.cc


Having started small with her own house, Izayoi slowly started branching into decorating for her friends, which quickly grew into a viable skill. She can do near any kind of build: small, large, club, personal, you name it! Please, visit Little Kingdom Housing Services for more examples and information.

  position    decorator  carrd    Little Kingdom Housing Services

        moonlit kiss        

A longtime place to call a home of sorts, Izayoi has worked at moonlit kiss for near four turns now, both as an entertainer and a supporting manager. The dance floor may be the focus, but her eyes still glimmer under the bright lights as the nights wear on, and the smile she gives may just be enough to make on steal her away regardless.

  position    head entertainer/support staff  venue type    hype and Dj focus  carrd    moonlit kiss nightclub